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Christmas Message
From Richard 2002
" Please send all 'visitors' my very best for Christmas and that I hope to see them all in the new year.XXXXXXXXX
I will keep them posted "
A Message From Richard
June 2003
Hi everyone, Richard here.

Im buried in the production side of me at the moment so little time to organise my performing side. But I will!!
Do try and get to see THE BOY FRIEND as I am sure you will enjoy it. Great songs, Great dancers and a very good show. ''The best production of The Boy Friend there has ever been''

Also you can come and see my Dick at The Swan in Worcester over Christmas. (take that anyway you choose!)

Much love to all of you. XX

A Message From Richard
October 2003
Please tell all that I miss them and as soon as I get it all 'together' I shall be back on a stage near them soon, and give them LOTS of love from myself and Derek!

A Message From Richard
September 2005
Thank you all SO much for still being there for me and I hope to see you all very soon. Lots of love. Richard XXX

A Message From Richard
April 2007
Hello everyone.Richard here and a long time no see/hear, but I am coming back and coming back with a vengeance! I will let you all know how later.

Over the last few months I have sold the house in Malvern and have been looking for the new one. After three attempts to buy (thank God for the London flat!) finally found THE one. Brilliant, and hopefully can move in before rehearsals for 'Whorehouse' start.

I appear to be in great demand as a teacher all over the country, which is wonderful and I am still casting shows.

Also, thanks to my excellent friends, I can indulge in one of my favourite interests, Interior design, I love that.

I hope you are all very well and look forward to seeing you and you seeing me.
Lots of love.